yinarr circle workshops

My regular workshop held in Bangalow NSW Australia for all women wanting to connect, develop & grow.  These workshops are all about women's personal growth & development, so each week will be themed with topics ranging from parenting, relationships, personal growth, goals, dream chasing, self-belief, relationships, finding your voice, values alignment, soul work, nutrition, mental health, personal spirituality and self-care.  The list is endless xx


Start standing in your personal power, enjoy speaking your truths and being exactly who you are, in a held, light-hearted, private and confidential space. 


Discover how growing the self, leads to living your best life.

Each week a different topic, each circle a unique, learning & connective experience.


These events are facilitated by Stephanie Clifford Hosking, a Professional Coach, educated by The Coaching Institute Australia and specialising in transformational-style Coaching techniques that grow lasting change through personal discovery.


The Yinarr Circle Workshops are a not-for-profit gathering and is set at $10 per attendee to make it accessible for all women.  Any profits acquired go directly to Barnardos Australia, my charity of choice.


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  • Yinarr Circle Workshops
    Bangalow Heritage House Museum & Cafe

I proudly acknowledge my own Aboriginal heritage and extend respect to all Aboriginal peoples everywhere, both past, present and emerging.

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