Stephanie Clifford Hosking - Professional Coach

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Stephanie Clifford Hosking is an Australian Coach that has studied at The Coaching Institute Melbourne; the most successful Australian Coaching education facility.  TCI is an internationally acclaimed Coaching school, so Stephanie's education combined with having 30 years in the Australian Hairdressing industry, plus her natural intuitive abilities, create a strong professional foundation in serving you.


Stephanie believes that before anything, comes the self, so her work focuses on personal growth, values, beliefs and purpose, then expands outward from there into career and business strategies too.  Once the self is understood, life in its truest sense flourishes.


She facilitates her Clients in 'unpacking' their old stories, beliefs, patterns and paradigms, so their foundations are as clear as possible, and personal growth can soar.  She is passionate about assisting her Clients with understanding the importance of personal values and purpose.  The totality of this approach assists you in getting real, staying focused, shifting unwanted behaviour patterns, raising your awareness about your true core values, setting/reaching goals and stretching your potential.


Stephanie's work is based in shifting lifelong patterns through shining a light on un-resourceful behaviour and raising personal awareness about where the 'gaps' are in life for you; that is, the stuff that blocks you.  

Her intuitive nature underpins everything she does which provides a powerful platform for understanding, right from the get-go. 


Stephanie combines her approaches by using cutting-edge behavioural models and tools and is internationally educated in creating transformational shifts and lasting personal growth.


Coaching (TCI) 

B.A. Communication Design (QUT)

Master Hairdresser (Hons) QLD

Brent Hosking -

Personal Trainer

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Brent is a kind man with a true desire to assist others find their strongest mind and body.  He is patient and focused with his clients, yet pushes them to discover their own physical and mental strengths. 


Brent has always been passionate about fitness and movement, starting his journey with physical fitness almost 22 year ago.  Four years ago Brent studied at AIPT and now holds a Certificate IV Fitness as a Personal Trainer.

As an avid mental health advocate, Brent understands first hand, the debilitating nature of anxiety so part of his passion is getting people moving for their wholistic wellness.

Brent works with private clients as well as combining his knowledge and experience with Stephie's specialised Mind & Body Miracles courses and workshops. 

Certificate IV Fitness & Personal Training (AIPT)

First Aid Certificate

Covid Safety Officer Training


If you are training with Brent for the first time, please download both forms below, then print and fill out.

Bring them along with you to your first session and hand them to him.  Have fun!

Training Waiver

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Media Release

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