Workshop 1 - Who am I?

We start with the basics in this life-changing workshops.  We get real and peel back our masks to reveal our true core values because, from our values, all is built.  Think of values as foundations on which all of your decisions are made, your choices are executed, your boundaries are set and your life strategies and actions begin.

This is a very powerful course to engage in and is the foundation for Workshop 2 - My Strengths & Passions and Workshop 3 - My Career Path.


Workshop 2 - My Strengths & Passions

After completing Workshop 1 - Who am I?...we then move forward to the next Workshop which is based on learning more what you love doing, going deeper and realising where your real passions lay and what truly drives you.  Because when you know those things, your choices are easy, your career strategies become clearer, your personal joy soars and the universe starts working its magic.   

Aligning your values, strengths and passions create a powerful alignment that clearly exposes just what your purpose is.


Workshop 3 - My Career Path

So you've completed Workshop 1 and 2.  How do you feel?  How incredible is it to understand yourself more deeply and realise with more intent, exactly who you are?  - Amazing.  Well if you are interested in now actioning yourself towards a career based on your strengths and passions, based on your values, then this is the workshop for you.

In this session, we identify your dream industry job, strategise a path toward achieving that vision or goal, and then set in place actionable steps toward your dream.  


Workshop 4 - The Holistic Hairdresser

Warning!  A Very Special Workshop Experience.

This Workshop is for those that hold a genuine interest in the more spiritual side of what we do as Hairdressers, for our clients.  We are givers, healers, empaths and intuits, it is why we are loved and why we have even more to give, once we fully harness our power through awareness.

We talk chakras, the powerful exchange of energy that occurs between people and our surroundings...we talk about the power of intuition and set aside some time for meditation to tap into our centred-self and simply listen.  We investigate how we can 'hold the space' for those that need to be heard and cared for.  

This is a magical exploration with only a little bit of 'woo woo'  - promise.  I look forward to spending time with you discussing the deeper power of our work as Hairdressers and how we can enhance our work from a holistic perspective.



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I proudly acknowledge my own Aboriginal heritage and extend respect to all Aboriginal peoples everywhere, both past, present and emerging.

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