How do you look after you these days?

How do you look after you these days?

For me, I’ve been slowly changing my wellness mindset and lifestyle, well, since forever actually, however I've certainly stepped it up since March 2018 when I proudly took my last tapered dose of the antidepressant I was on.  (I need to note here that this was done over a year, using tapered doses with my health care professional supported with Kinesiology , yoga, Coaching , meditation and herbs, as well as a loving support person - most importantly I was ready).

I’d been taking antidepressants for around the last 27 years on an off...mostly on. All I ever wanted was to feel better.  You see for most of that time I thought I was broken and not worthy - I took antidepressants in an effort to find a doorway toward my personal healing. It took me nearly three decades, but I realised this wasn't the way for me. Proof that personal healing must be done in your own time, at your own pace, with you at the helm x I feel it's taken around 2 years to really release the side effects of these drugs out of my mind and body, with the biggest side effect I've had to manage being weight gain. The second, loosing a certain edge to my emotional and intuitive awarenesses. I didn't know it back then, but this particular side-effect took away my super powers! I'm on it now though! :)

I continue to learn so much as my physical, mental and emotional clarity continues to return, of which I always try to pass on to you in some way.

Allowing myself to have challenging days where I cry, feel messy or feel sad has been my biggest learning - we are all built to have sensitivities, they help us calibrate our emotional environments, however I grew up feeling shame around my sad days so I'm detangling old imprinted patterns, which takes time.

Over the last few years I have been discovering more intently, the art of being a 'whole' human; The happiness, the sadness, the sensitivity, the bravery, the fun, the anger, the frustration, the creativity, the acceptance...all of it.

I feel proud to now understand that our emotions are metaphorically, the fuel in our cars, the electricity in our houses, the icing on our cakes or the blood in our veins.

Emotions are incredible tools of soul awareness, showing us where to dive a little deeper into healing, or emotional housekeeping - What a gift! It's these very big growths within myself over my life, that has driven such a desire to serve others in finding more of their own light, in their own time, for their highest good.

Emotional fitness according to me, is all about:

  1. Firstly understanding that emotional fitness is just like physical fitness, in that it grows over time, using awareness, focus, consistency, tools and patience.

  2. Accepting all of our emotions as a beautiful and unique part of who we are.

  3. Learn ways to find continual awareness about how to 'listen' to our emotions and learn from their presence.

  4. Learn tools of preference on how to release old trapped energy held in our bodies and emotions. Like meditation, exercise, healing courses/workshops/experiences (nature), crying, Coaching, Health Care Professionals, crystal work, ceremonies, spirituality, talking etc) We all have our own ways of releasing energies, memories and pains that no longer serve us, so listen to your own guidance and experiment to find your own ways.

  5. Remain open to always learning and continually peeling back those onion layers at your own pace in your own divine right order, for your highest good. This is releasing.

My personal shapshot of wellbeing looks a little like this at the moment. Remember to find your own version of what suits you in your life, we are all unique so what works for one might not work for others.

  • Meditation and/or Yoga for stress release, spiritual connection, physical movement and clarity...I try for everyday, even if I can't get full sessions in, I just do a little...even just sitting in the sun and focusing on it's warmth.

  • Pruvit Ketones - they are the leaders in ketone knowledge and products. I use ketones for mental clarity, fasting for healing and energy. Also to support my body in it's consistent release of stored fat as my body finds it's balance again.

  • Herbs and vitamins - I use a variety depending on what I need. I especially focus on keeping my stress low so my body and mind can re-learn that fight or flight isn't a usual state to be in.

  • Bach Remedies - plant and flower based drops for support while healing or shifting a specific block.

  • Crystals - I use the natural energy of crystals for joy, healing and meditation.

  • Food - I focus on plant based food and have a treat every now and again without attaching guilt or shame. I still have organic red wine and enjoy that too.

  • Teas - specialised teas for relaxation or cleansing where needed.

  • Healers - to assist me in releasing things that are of a spiritual nature.

  • Coach - as a Mentor and guide for my personal growth and change goals, using tools, conversation and strategies for behavioural shifts.

I'm still working on my sleep and physical movement but not putting any pressure on my growth, just baby steps. Stay tuned.

Email me now for info on 1:1 Coaching to grow your own emotional fitness and support your own growth.

Love Stephie. x


Sharyn McKenzie


I proudly acknowledge my own Aboriginal heritage and extend respect to all Aboriginal peoples everywhere, both past, present and emerging.

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