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Tea for your fear.

Sounds strange right?

...the concept of inviting your vulnerabilities and fears in, and making them a cup of tea?

But not really, its quite a beautiful way of describing the art of facing what scares us.

I love the whole thought. (Thank you Katrina my Kinesiologist & Guide for this reminder yesterday).

If we take a little minute and consider the slow process of making a tea, choosing the cups, boiling the water, choosing the type of tea, pouring the water into the cups, and then serving the starts to become apparent that there in an honouring in this simple act.

So what if we allowed ourselves to move towards this concept of being ok with what scares us? Just gently ask yourself that question and imagine sitting with your fear, allowing your vulnerability and emotions to send you the messages they are showing you, imagine embracing the uncertainty of those moments, days or weeks (one of my favourite learnings), imagine staring those rocky moments in the eye, and emersing yourself in the feelings, the learnings.

Yes it would be full of uncertainty, loaded with nervous could be scary, however you'd be 'showing up'.

You'd be right there, saying ok, show me my shadows (see Carl Yung), my dark pockets, I am here and present, ready to learn about what holds me back.

You'd be trusting in your guides, angels, mother nature, the universe and'd be listening and noticing.

You'd be facing your fear but doing it anyway (Susan Jeffers book).

You'd be growing.

And guess what happens then...the fear, the vulnerabilites, the uncertainty becomes smaller somehow, melting away like a lit candle.

Then what power do those fears and shadows have over you now?

None. :)

This work is simply part of the sacred journey to ones soul; intergrating our higher self (soul, source, intuition, god) with our physical being, aligning ourselves to become all we can be, listening to ourselves...shining bright, being bold and authentically contributing to our world, for the greater good.

We are unique, so the road of personal growth is our own experience, and the journey takes us all to places where we loose all of the worldly shackles, our masks are of no use, and we can no longer hide our deepest darkest pain.

Your choice in those times is to embrace, grow and raise your awareness (invite your vulnerabilites to tea) or to push your emotions back down, ignore them, avoid them, save the truth for another time, medicate or ignore them.

We are lucky to have the choice, and that choice is entirely personal and any given time.

Those of you that have embarked on the sacred journey toward ones self will know these words in some way; they will resonate and hopefully hold a deeper meaning for you.

Those of you that might be reading this and wondering what language I'm speaking, (I totally get that! It's like we all only know, what we know, and it happens to me regularly when I'm 'leveling up' in my own awareness).

Just remember timing is everything.

This might be the first time you've heard of this concept, but its all part of raising our own individual awareness one gift at a time.

If you are afraid of facing it all, remember that all you desire is on the other side of fear. It's good to gently wonder about that phrase for how ever long you need to.

So step forward and be the best human you can be. Make your sould changes when you are ready, and do it for you and only you.

Written in love and caring intention.


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