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Letting go

Letting go of who you used to be, just like a shedding of skin, it can take a minute :) and is usually not easy. But as I was reminded this morning, the discomfort is important and temporary.

We wriggle, shake, rest, wait, and wriggle again, until our outgrown skin breaks free.

These moments so full of opportunity yet so full of 'unknown anticipation' as my friend and Mentor Jodie Cole puts it. (Thats a much stronger way of putting 'scared of the unknown', and I like it.)

So as we stretch out of our old skin, letting our new skin glisten in the sun, we are kind of reborn. How beautiful and I hold on to that during any times of uncertainty.

The way I used to 'be' in my relationships is now changing as I grow.

I am now finding my voice and my personal will, declaring what's important to me and non-negotiable in my life. So powerful. Embrace these times when things are going sideways, be appreciative of the growth not desperate for it to ease.

I remind myself that trusting in this process is so very important.

We don't always know what's happening next and that uncertainty is ok and we are safe as we experience it, just breathe and trust, trust and breathe. It's honestly a time for excitement because growth is occuring.

"Aspects of ourselves die as we spiritually evolve. When we release what no longer serves our highest good, it is creating space for something better. This can be a painful process, it is temporary. Don't hold onto the old, invide the new. What we resist will persist. Hold the vision and trust the process".

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