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Being in limbo.

Being in limbo is one of the most challenging spaces to be in.

We all know that feeling of uncertainty; knowing we have no control over what happens next and it's really challenging. (Remember challenging is good.) :)

Our minds play tricks on us, as it goes around and around with all of the potential possibilities of the anxiety-filled 'what if' question.

We tend to consider a thousand outcomes, usually favouring the negative, and then the more we think in that way, the more it effects our feelings and then our feelings perpetuate more energy toward the thing we don't want.

Aaarrrgggghhhh! I know.

So what do you do when you're in the middle of flux and are waiting...just waiting...for an answer...on a loan application, or to hear if you've got that job, or waiting on test results, or even waiting to know if you're pregnant this truly can be an excruciating wait right?

So back to the question.

What do you do to keep a healthy mindset when you're in limbo?

Do you go for a run?

Do you get more anxious as the wait continues?

Do you initiate self discipline and flip your ruminating negative thought into a positive one?

Maybe you just feel depressed or get quiet and go inward?

Maybe you call a friend?

It's human nature to like to 'know' what is coming; and we ironically love both the certainty and uncertainty that life gives, in fact it's an important part of our basic human needs.

For more on this from Tony Robbins > > > 6 CORE NEEDS.

So how can we assist ourselves?

Acceptance and gratitude play a huge role in moving through these times of uncertainty with grace, (rather than around it).

First accepting how we feel is the single most important step.

Quietly acknowledging where we are at, and then gently shuffling into gratitude for what we have, who we are with, and the dollar we have or whatever else makes sense to you, is the next step.

When I notice I am starting to trap myself on a negativity roundabout, I try to find genuine gratitude in appreciating where I live, or the clean air I breathe, my freedom, or the love I share with my sons, or my get the idea.

Practicing this, most certainly requires mental discipline and mind focus.

It takes practice yes, but don't despair because our brains are so clever that it doesn't take long for the positive thought to be the dominant thought.

Taking a moment to get simple with your personal gratitude will start your momentum.

And momentum initiates CHANGE! (Think of a ripple.)

My point is it doesn't matter where you start, just find an honest place of thankfulness. That approach is enough to begin momentum in the general direction of your truest joy.

And right there in that feeling, is where life gets better.

Effort is everything.

Never give up.

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