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Asthma & Emotion & Celluar Memory & Personal Bravery.


These last two weeks I have had the most stubborn Asthma I've known since I can recall. For the best part of those two weeks I couldn't shift it with my usual tools, that being, prednisone, nebuliser, rest, focus, crying, and mental strength.

Indeed, this episode only shifted when I went deeper.

So what do I mean deeper? Well I have had a firm belief for many years that our body and our mind are intelligently congruent.

After all they are housed in the same body and connected to a higher source (Universe, God, Source, Energy, Buddha - whatever it is for you).

So in an incredibly revealing week, that begun since my Energy Release work, a little late night research session was in order...trying to inspiring myself on Asthma and breathing techniques, Asthma and emotions, Neuroplasticity and Cell Memory, along with the visions I have had over the last few days of the same image (more on that in another post, or my book - very exciting) I realised that I needed to shift and release emotionally. I realised in that moment that the power of shifting this current episode was only in me, and Asthma was the vehicle in which I could do it.

Now I know that's a total re-frame on what we generally believe Asthma to be - but the truth in that moment was strong for me, so I knew it to be my path.

I started to use the Buteyko breathing techniques, reminding myself that I am safe and have everything I need intellectually, emotionally, physically and medicinally to push through this Asthma barrier like never before. I knew this episode was a direct emotional manifestation connected to last weeks Energy Release session with Sharyn...I just knew that. I also knew that if I was going to push through this bout now, I had to use my spiritual knowledge and emotional I did.

I wrote with my eyes closed to fully capture the vision that had been so strong in my eyes over the last few days, that I have now called 'The Slow Walk'.

I wrote without grammatical care, and just dumped what I was seeing and feeling...and there, it was done and remembered and ready to be turned into my painting and poem.

During the breathing techniques and meditation I focused on the real truth of my safety, and ability to let go of this. I reminded my mind and body that it doesn't need to be in 'fight or flight' any more; that the true and serious dangers of the past were gone.

Now this is the part where it gets even more woo woo so if you're thinking maybe I'm a nutter now, we go anyway.

The (note the language being 'the' not 'my' 👍🏻) Asthma stopped.

The toll it had taken on my body didn't instantly recover - I was exhausted, but the constant attack that had been meddling with me for two weeks and the deep rattle of struggled breath stopped.

I knew I had reached an epiphany and I knew the depth of what I had just done for myself.

I had let go, via a direct emotional release in me that manifests itself as Asthma, on a cellular level, actually on a freaking third dimensional level.

From there, which was two days ago, I have been improving dramatically - enough said.

Here's are some resources for anyone on a similar path, I trust this is for you.





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