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Releasing Unhelpful Cellular Memory from my DNA.


Since having a huge energy release session with a woman called Sharyn McKenzie last week, I have been so physically ill.  Not surprising really.

Asthma which is directly linked to emotions, sadness, headaches & the flu...I know these are the physical & emotional releases of what I energetically let go of last Wed. 

Sharyn and I went back over 1000 generations ( a generation is considered approx 24 yrs) into my Aboriginal family line through my Mothers side, and released layers and layers and layers of pain, trauma, terror, overwhelm, abuse, ridicule...the list of these hideous emotions was huge. So was the honour I felt knowing I was their only voice & vessel right here and now.   She said she had never gone back so far.

"Emotions are a record of the past, and so if the emotion is stored in the body, the body is literally living in the past and the body as the unconscious mind believes its in the same environmental conditions 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - the body is literally living in the past." Dr Joe Dispenza from E-motion 2013  

The positive impact of releasing these years of suppression is that it helps my soul become my real and most brightest me in my will also energetically assist my Mother, my syblings, their children & their children right now.  

And as for my family passed...their voice is now heard and acknowledged. I feel so low right now, lots of tears and sickness but I also know it's ok because I have just done a great thing for thousands of my own.

Dr Joe Dispenza Neuroscientist  A TED talk on Cellular Memory

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