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Living with Purpose.

So what does it really mean to live with purpose? Well to me it means having an intention that you are living for, so your day to day has meaning for you and others.

Purpose isn't your Values, although it does house them.

Imagine your Purpose is the house and your Values are the big ticket furniture items inside it.

So choose your Values (try to stick to no more than 7 as the brain drops things of the list after that number - interesting I know.) Then write what I call an action sentence...and there you have it...Your Purpose statement.

Put it up somewhere obvious or write it on your mirror in glass pen...oh and don't forget to revisit your Values and Purpose often, as they change as often as you do. xxx

EXAMPLE > My Values are, creativity, leadership, generosity, inspiration, service, compassion, & education.

My action statement shows me my purpose....

"My purpose is to be a compassionate, educated, generous & creative leader that inspires and serves others easily."

Give it a go. xxx

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