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Having $1 In The Bank.

Our relationship with money is an important one to be aware of.

It's so common to have a kind of quiet, negative language that goes around in our heads about money and how we relate to it.

So what is money to you?

Is money something you never have enough of?...Or is money an 'evil' that you aren't worthy of?...Or maybe you always have just enough to get by, but would always love more? Possibly you are someone that has an abundance attitude towards life and money and you have more than enough, always.

No matter which senario might fit you best, we are ALL worthy of whatever amount of money we desire. It's all about believing authentically that abundance is something you already have no matter how much dosh is in your bank account. It's a mind set.

It's about knowing beyond doubt that you are always safe and taken care of.

It's about living a generous life in any way you choose - because after all money is not the only currency.

It's about believing you are worthy of every aspect that this life has to offer.

So next time you feel the choke-hold of a lack of funds, don't focus on that. Gently shift your attention to what you DO have and remember that money is only part of our full life picture, it comes and it goes and we accept the flow.

Lessen your focus on the lack and increase your focus on the abundance in your life in the present moment.

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