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I'd like to give respect to all of the traditional custodians of this Australian land.

I'd like to acknowledge all Aboriginal people both past and present everywhere, especially my own ancestors.  

We are all one.

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Hairdressing Trade Certification Kangaroo Point TAFE QLD (Hons)

Total Look Hairdressing | Transition Hairdressing | Hair Education | Facilitator, Mentor & Speaker | Performance & Growth Coach


30 years of doing this thing I love, called Hairdressing.

Always learning, always listening and still in hot pursuit of my best work, every time, every client.

I am all about the simple yet complex understanding of every aspect of hair.


I work with others who love their hair, desire detail from their stylist and have the ability to place their trust in me.

I collaborate with like minds and love surrounding myself with those that allow themselves to shine.

I speak and share with other Hairdressers about my passion and experiences so they can grow their own.

Follow your joy.

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