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I'd like to give respect to all of the traditional custodians of this Australian land.

I'd like to acknowledge all Aboriginal people both past and present everywhere, especially my own ancestors.  

We are all one.

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performance & growth coaching

Professional Coaching TCI Melbourne Australia

Personal Growth | Dream Development | Personal Development | Performance & Growthg Coaching

Are you committed toward your own personal, business or career growth?

That's great because guess what? The are all connected.

Together we work from the inside out.  We work from the ground up, peeling away

those blocks and patterns that keep you from shining & under-performing. 

Its like starting with solid foundations and building up and out from there.


The foundation of my work is steeped in personal experience, deep wisdom,

consistent learning, brave awareness and an open heart.

One of my greatest joys is assisting others in their personal growth

and watching their world and dreams expand.  


What do I mean by performance & growth coaching?

In essence, I mean personal awareness, growth, development, lasting change

and expansion.  That's a big sentence I know!  The incredible journey inward is

where my expertise lay, and I offer a safe space for wisdom and strategy

to assist in reaching your next level.  This enlightening personal work naturally propels

you forward in your life, relationships, dreams, business and career.


My Coaching style is deeply intuitive and based on a transformational style of Coaching,

which basically means it is focused on real and lasting change.

We dive deep and get real yes, but it's also fun and incredibly exciting

as you experience your own breakthroughs and light-bulb moments at your own pace.

I use cutting edge tools and behavioural models that support a true change-mindset.


Coaching is not Psychology, nor is it Counselling, it is an intuitive, detailed art that uses tools steeped

in the understanding of human behaviour.  Coaching focuses on individualised forward momentum, and I love that.

I recommend an initial commitment of 6 sessions to instil good momentum.

Each session is on the phone or via Skype, for approximately 45 mins and costs $175 AUD per session.