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A course designed for those ready to shift their minds & bodies

toward a total emotional & physical fitness.

Sept 3rd to Nov 14th 2020

Course $1997

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What is this Course all about?

This course is about combining the powerful elements of clearing old patterns and strengthening your body to create a new found mind/body connection, enhancing your fitness mindset and abilites - no matter what your fitness level.

Is this course for me?

Do you have basic to excellent physical fitness?

Do you to want to experience motivation and change in your wellness routine both emotionally and physically?

Are you ready to improve your emotional and physical self discipline?

Do you want to improve your self-care and release old behavioural barriers that are keeping you stuck?

Do you have a desire to learn more about getting your mind and body working together?

Have you had a baby recently and want to find a confidence in your body and mind again?

Have you recovered from an injury and now want to find confidence and strength, better than before?

Do you want to find connection with other like-minded people and build your mental clarity & physical movement abilities?

Meet The Team

The course will be facilitated by Brent and I -  I am a formally trained Coach specialising in personal & career growth, including releasing repetitive subconscious behaviours and growing your emotional fitness. 


Brent is a Personal Trainer with extensive experience and passion in the areas of physical movement, especially for mental health.  Yes we are married!  17 years this year! We are a team in life and in this course, as we both hold a deep understanding of both sides of this journey - the physical and the emotional.  


We have both had our challenges with physical and emotional fitness.  We've learnt so much along the way which is why this work is so important to us - for more on our own personal stories click here.

We will be lucky enough to have Kerry Brown Activator on our course this time.  She will be holding a group Chakra Aligning healing around week 4, which really assists the growth you will be experiencing.

Kerry Louise Brown

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Stephanie Clifford Hosking

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Stephanie is a Professional Coach and trained at The Coaching Institute in Melbourne for two years.  She specialises in Growth Coaching with a focus on personal, emotional and spiritual growth.  Stephie's work hinges on the belief that our growth starts from the inside out - from the heart and mind, the rest falls into place with a little nudge.  Stephie is also a passionate mental wellness advocate with many years worth of her own personal experiences being the foundation of her successful life tools and strategies.  She proudly facilitates a weekly FB Live group called Soul Growth Sessions, a fun yet focused 30 minute chats on getting through the sticky stuff in life. 

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Brent Hosking

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Brent started has always been a 'mover', loving most sports especially athletics, soccer, and golf.  At sixteen he started his gym addiction!  Now twenty two years on, nothing has changed, except a huge bank of knowledge and experience to share with you!  In 2015 Brent officially became a Personal Trainer, studying at the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT) and hasn't looked back.  By nature Brent has a 'never give up' attitude to his own training which gives him a 'next level' approach.  This mental strength assists him in supporting his clients to work to their best capability and then some, so their learning, habits and mindsets, stick.

What you get

  • 6 x Weeks of personalised group fitness with Brent

  • 1 x personalised Fitness Assessment with Brent

  • 1 x personalised Future Fitness Plan prepared by Brent

  • 6 x tailored transformational Coaching sessions with Stephie

  • 3 x Month Membership to 'The Brave' at where you'll find monthly extra resources, downloads, videos, community and tools

  • FB private group access area for questions, community and LIVE popups

  • 25% off future Coaching or Personal Training packages with Brent and Stephie

  • 1 x Group Healing on-line via FB LIVE with Kerry Brown Activator

  • $200 Welcome pack (Book, Journal, Pen, Hoskofitness T-shirt, self-care items and more)

  • 'Emotional Fitness Toolbox" booklet from Stephie.

You Pay


with Early Bird Access


Value up to $2885


Stephanie Clifford Hosking

Discovery Chat - pre-course

Stephie will organise a FT, Skype or Zoom meetup with you and have a 30 minute initial chat, to really work out where you are at right now, and then where you want to be.  Her role will be to assist you in bridging that gap by personalising your Coaching sessions in and around your goals.  Stephie will focus on tools and techniques that allow you to improve your mindset and create incredible change for yourself.

Coaching Sessions - during the course

Your Coaching sessions will run for approximately 45 minutes and will be conducted over the phone.  This means you will be in your own comfortable space each time which is super handy.

Your sessions will be specifically created for you as a direct results of the Discovery Session, tailored just for you to reach your fullest potential during the course and beyond.

After the Course

When the Course is complete you will be well on your way to heading toward your biggest goals, both mentally and physically.  The tools you will learn in these sessions and within the course itself, will continue to support your growth and you can revisit them any time.  During the course you will have experienced the beginnings of a mindset shift and it will show up in your future approach to not only your fitness, but in every area of your life.


Stephie will be available for ongoing 1:1 Coaching sessions if you wish to continue your transformation toward the next level, as well as being available to you inside the private FB Group.  Remember when the course finishes, you will have full access to your FREE 3 Month 'The Brave' Membership at where you will have even more resources to continue integrating your new-found mind and body skills, every month.


Brent Hosking

Fitness Assessment first week

Initially Brent will conduct a fitness assessment, listen to your what you would like to achieve and help you set some realistic goals for the following weeks.

Fitness & Stretching Sessions - during the course

During these 45 minute sessions, the group will be working through the latest approaches in physical movement exercises as well as the incorporation of stretching and meditations at the end of every session.  All under the expert guidance of Brent, as he works with your 'own-paced' learning.

After the Course

When you finish the course you will be equipped with new knowledge about your fitness that you can integrate into your routines at home or if you want to extend your fitness further, then Brent will also be available for ongoing Personal Training sessions, as well as being available for questions in the 'Members Only' FB Group too. 


When the course finishes you will then be able to access your FREE 3 Month Membership to 'The Brave' available at

Inside your membership you will also have access to even more monthly resources like videos from Brent and Stephie, resources, tools, downloadable content and community connection to assist you in your wellness journey now and beyond.


The Plan

Week 1: 

  1. Group Introduction (We will do this just before our PT session

  2. 1x PT session. (one only this week)

  3. Individual fitness assessment and goal setting by Brent

  4. 1st Discovery Coaching Session with Stephie

Week 2:

  1. ​2nd Coaching Session with Stephie

  2. 1x PT Session with Brent

  3. 1x FB Live Session

Week 3

  1. 3rd Coaching Session with Stephie

  2. 1x PT Session with Brent

  3. 1x FB Live Session

Week 4:

  1. 4th Coaching Session with Stephie

  2. 1x PT Session with Brent

  3. 1x FB Live Session

Week 5:

  1. 5th Coaching Session with Stephie

  2. 1x PT Session with Brent

  3. 1x FB Live Session

Week 6:

  1. Final PT Session with Brent

  2. Final Coaching Session with Stephie

  3. Final FB Live

  4. Course Wrap Up

  5. Joining the Membership Area for continued support

Green Leaves

Your Course

Inside the Coaching Sessions

The Coaching sessions will be approximately 45 minutes each every 7-10 days to allow for your new learnings to sink in and integrate into your daily life.  The sessions will be held over the phone at a time that suits.  Stephie's has a natural transformational style of Coaching - that means her work is based in an intuitive and organic approach that assists you in creating your own lasting mindset shifts.

We will talk mind, body, health, sleep, mindset, emotion and be sure to have a few laughs too!

I have loads of tips on nutrition ideas and also fantastic contacts to put you in touch with if you wish to pursue your healing in certain areas that lay outside my areas of expertise.  I will also be providing you will other resources as required for your individual purposes.

Inside the Personal Training Sessions

Each Personal Training Session will be 45 minutes of stretching and strength work held in Bangalow outdoors at various locations over the course depending on weather and venue availability.

Brent will work with you at your own pace.

Brent and I will begin with you individually, doing a fitness test and having a conversation in and around where you would like to be.  We will be setting some realistic goals, based on your own hopes and wants for your wellness.

FB Lives

Brent and I will be doing a short scheduled FB Live in our private FB Group each week, offering additional resources and inspiration to support your weekly adventures on the course.


You will receive a complimentary 3 month membership to 'The Brave' Membership valued at $60 where you will find tools, strategies, resources, a community, and support to assist you in the integration of your new found behaviour patterns and mindsets.


What's Inside

  • 6 x Individual Coaching Sessions with Stephie. Value $1050

  • Strategic Plans and Tools to use during and continue using in your journey after the course. Invaluable

  • 6 x Group Stretch & Strengthen Personal Training Sessions with Brent. Value $480

  • 1 x Individual Fitness Assessment & Goals Session with Personalised Plan. Value $80

  • 1 x Personalised Future Fitness Plan. Value $80

  • Group Healing On-line Session (Via Facebook or Zoom) Facilitated by Kerry Brown Activator Value $200 per person


  • Mind & Body Miracles Welcome Pack full of self care goodies. Value $200

  • A 'The Brave' Membership for 3 months where you can access extra tools and resources every week then continue on with the memberships at a reduced rate. Value $60

  • Access to our designated FB Group and the pop up LIVE's with tips, knowledge, motivation and reinforcement of lessons learnt. Invaluable.

  • 25% off voucher to use with x1 package (See website) of future Coaching or Personal Training. Invaluable


Frequently asked questions


If I have an injury can I still do the course?


No.  Unfortunately if you have an existing acute or chronic condition, this course isn't the best option for you, however Stephie and Brent would both be available to you for a more specialised approach, so be sure to reach out and ask us some questions.


Do you provide payment plans?


Yes. You can pay 50% upon sign up and the remainder 50% the day before the course starts.  Email us for more information.


What if I can't complete the course due to an unforeseen circumstance?


If you become injured and cannot complete the course, we offer a refund of the remaining course fee.  Eg. If you become injured in week 3, we will refund the amount equivalent to the remaining 5 weeks.

Note: We do not refund for a change of mind, however if during the first week (7 day cooling off period) you feel the course isn't for you we offer a full refund.


How many people will be in the course?


We cap the course at 10 people to serve you all to the best of our ability.


How do you handle privacy and confidentiality?


All of your personal information is kept private.  We never share your information with third parties and for more information please see our Privacy Policy.

Your personal and private information that you share with the group and us, remains just confidential.

I proudly acknowledge my own Aboriginal heritage and extend respect to all Aboriginal peoples everywhere, both past, present and emerging.

DISCLAIMER: My words, posts, stories, concepts and courses, are based on my own personal thoughts, experiences, opinions and ideas offered

up as entertainment to whomever is interested.