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Tez Brown

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Episode #7:

Tez Brown - 'Video Connects'

Join me in an easy, open and inspirational conversation with Tez Brown, Videographer and modern day Philosopher (again, my words!) all about how and why he naturally gravitated toward video to express his love of movement, storytelling and connection. Listening to this ginger-bearded, heart-centred human is something I could do for ‘bout you? Go on! Get inspired.

Enjoy! x

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Odette Barry

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Episode #6:

Odette Barry - 'Wholehearted PR'

Come take a little dive into the world of wholehearted Public Relations (PR) with the lovely Odette Barry, (‘Hack your own PR’ extraordinaire). We chat about her unique approach to empowering others to take a hold of their PR reigns when it comes to their own businesses...pretty cool stuff right! Because I thought PR was only for the cool kids but no way! It’s for all of us that have a story, know our jam and want to put it out there! I’m officially converted! You’re a star ‘lil lady! Thanks for being my guest this episode and giving us a sneak peek into that big sparkly brain of yours! > Odette’s next ‘Hack your own PR’ course starts early Oct so go check it all out on her website Oh and follow her on Insta, LinkedIn & FB too!

Sam Beechey

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Episode #5: Sam Beechey - 'Passionate about Wellness'

Introducing Sam Beechey, a Keto Coach and Wellness Advocate, a passionate Father of three girls and devoted partner to Alice...with a soft laugh he quietly called himself the King of Queens...that bought to mind a big old teddy bear of a dad and husband, honouring the female goddesses in his life; He knows who's really in charge! Lol!

In this episode Sam and I get to talk from the heart about where his passion for wellness began, the loss of his Dad and his future big hairy goal of positively educating children about health and wellbeing, ultimately preventing childhood obesity - brilliant stuff right there.

If you've ever wondered about fasting or ketones or both, this episode is a must.  As a passionate lover of all things movement and nutrition, Sam shares years of experimentation, knowledge and experiences in and around these topics which is full of education and definitely inspirational.

Follow him now on Insta and I hope you enjoy the Podcast when it's released this Thursday on your fav Podcast platform or down below in my Podcast links - give it a rating while you're there! x

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Janice Maple

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Episode #4: Janice Maple: 'A Girl Following her Heart'

I am so looking forward to having this 'lil lady all to myself for an hour of open conversation to share with you!

Janice is a heart-driven entrepreneur (my own words! She would never say that about herself!) with a passion for supporting her community.

She is a Mother of three, a dedicated Bangalow Real Estate Agent of 20 years and more recently the Founder of the incredibly successful Kindred.Women.Together, an activity driven community focused hub for women to learn, laugh and play!  Hear how and why she lives by the ethos of 'following her heart' during our convo!

Insta @kindred.women.together

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