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Sounds strange right?...But what if we bought our fears and vunerabilites in, sat with them, embraced them and listened to them...and made them tea?

Letting go of who you used to be, just like a shedding of skin, it can take a minute :) and is usually not easy.  But as I was reminded this morning, the discomfort is important and temporary.  

We wriggle, shake, rest, wait, and wriggle again, until our...

Being sad is a strange place for us humans.  Some of us dwell there longer than we should and some of us run as fast as we can attempting to elude it.

And to be clear, within this post I am talking about the deep kind of sadness that is connected to a life changing situ...

February 23, 2018

Being in limbo and waiting for an outcome, an answer or a result can be paralysing. Accepting where you're at and moving toward gratitude can help.

I was thinking today how we often talk about how powerful a smile is...then I was thinking about the small interactions I've had today that have helped me along...

First there was a post from Pru Chapman who owns Owners Collective @ownerscollective with a little Instagr...


These last two weeks I have had the most stubborn Asthma I've known since I can recall.  For the best part of those two weeks I couldn't shift it with my usual tools, that being, prednisone, nebuli...

July 9, 2017


Since having a huge energy release session with a woman called Sharyn McKenzie last week, I have been so physically ill.  Not surprising really.

Asthma which is directly linked to emotions, sadness, headaches & the flu...I know these a...

We have two kinds of human flexibility.

One is physical flexibility, obvious and usually directly associated with the word.  

The other is behavioural flexibility, or emotional flexibility.

Both require a range of movements (mental and physical) although one is tangi...

So what does it really mean to live with purpose?  Well to me it means having an intention that you are living for, so your day to day has meaning for you and others.

Purpose isn't your Values, although it does house them.

Imagine your Purpose is the house and your Value...

February 13, 2017

Our relationship with money is an important one to be aware of.

It's so common to have a kind of quiet, negative language that goes around in our heads about money and how we relate to it.

So what is money to you?

Is money something you never have enough of?...Or is money...

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